How Much Does Landscaping Improve Home Value?

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future or even down the road, curb appeal isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must! Here we’ll get into the value landscaping can add to your home, the type of landscaping worth investing in, and how much you should consider spending to make the most impact. 

Landscaping in Lee's Summit by Evolving Landscapes improves home value


What Value Does Landscaping Add to a Home?

A well-landscaped property is an instant indicator that the home has been cared for and translates to a significant increase in property value. In fact, an investment in thoughtful landscaping and hardscaping has the potential to improve home value by 5% at minimum, to as much as 20% in cases with a highly sophisticated design. With the average home price in Lee’s Summit currently at $340,000, that’s an increase of $17,000 to $68,000 – talk about return on investment (ROI)!

Of course, not all landscaping is created equal. For a prospective buyer to feel love at first sight, strategic decisions made with a knowledgeable landscape designer will yield the most bang for your buck.  


What Type of Landscaping Adds Value?

A manicured lawn, tidy beds, and clipped hedges are standard fare. Setting a selling price that yields the highest and best offer means going the extra mile in your front and back yard. Depending on the state of your property, incorporating all or some of these five ideas may serve you well at closing:


1. Add Color

One of the easiest ways to turn heads is to add color to your garden. You’ll want seasonally-appropriate plants with blooms that last and in hues that complement your home. Consider grouping plants together to make a statement and help your property pop. Scattering individual flowering plants scattered across your green space has the potential to distract from the main event: your home.     

Paver walkway and colorful flower landscaping by Evolving Landscapes in Lee's Summit, MO


2. Increase Depth

A small or unremarkable garden will look bigger and more dynamic when the foreground, middle ground, and background are carefully considered. Staging plants of various sizes, using horizontal and vertical planes, and implementing a focal point are all easy ways to add depth and visual interest. 


3. Implement Maturity

Bigger plants will cost you a little more – but the payoff is usually worth it. Dinky plants are better than no plants or overgrown greenery, but they are a clear sign of recent attention. Mature plants, by contrast, add to the narrative of a long-loved and well cared-after home. More established plants also require less babying, which can be a welcomed benefit if the house is vacant or you’re in the throes of moving.


4. Consider Hardscaping

Have a shaded area where grass and plants just won’t grow or an unforgiving hill that detracts from the potential of great outdoor living? Do you have the perfect spot for a patio but never got around to putting one in, or live near a noisy road? All easy fixes. A paver patio, retaining wall, landscaped pathway, and water feature are just some of the hardscaping options that can transform your property and dampen sound. Make sure that your hardscaping choices are likely to be universally enjoyed and will yield proportionate ROI. An outdoor kitchen, built-in fire pit, or pool, for example, may suit your family well but may be less appealing to others. 

Hardscaping from Evolving Landscapes can improve your home value in Lee's Summit, MO


5. Incorporate Evergreens

Popular in the Kansas City area currently is the “Colorado Look” – and it’s as low maintenance as they come. Central to achieving the Colorado feel is the use of rocks and boulders, as well as evergreen trees and shrubs, like Spruce and Pine, and other plants that demand little irrigation like grasses, Russian Sage, Coreopsis (tickseed), Daisies, and Coneflowers


How Much to Budget for Landscaping?

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), it’s advisable to invest 10% to 20% of the value of your home in landscaping and hardscaping. So, on a $300,000 house, that’s $30,000 to $60,000. If the low and high end are both causes for sticker shock, remember that landscaping costs are often returned by as much as 200% at closing. For best results, consult with a professional landscape designer before going all-in on your beautification plan.



Ready to uncover the untapped potential of your Missouri property? Evolving Landscapes has been custom-creating dream-come-true landscapes and hardscapes in Lee’s Summit and the surrounding area for nearly 20 years. Contact us to learn about the easy wins our team can implement on time and within budget that will yield the ultimate return on your investment!

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