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Welcome to Evolving Landscapes, your one-stop destination for exceptional hardscape services in Lee’s Summit. Rely on us to bring out the best in your property with our top-notch skills and a touch that feels just right for you.

Our skilled team boasts extensive expertise in designing and building a wide range of outdoor features and hardscape services, including:

– Retaining walls

– Patios

– Pathways

– Firepits

– Outdoor Kitchens

– Plus much more!

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Transform Your Landscape with Expert Retaining Wall Installations in Lee’s Summit!

Putting in a retaining wall can really change up your yard and solve a bunch of problems with the landscape at the same time. These handy structures step in to keep soil right where it should be on slopes, dodging erosion and making flat spots that not only look better but are more useful too.

At Evolving Landscapes, our expert team meticulously plans and executes retaining wall installations, considering the specific needs of each Lee’s Summit home. We use only the best materials to build walls that aren’t just strong and look great, but also fit perfectly with the surrounding scenery.

Our expert team puts their heart into making sure your outdoor structures not only stand strong against the elements but also bring a touch of class to your backyard. With careful attention to ensuring everything drains well and stays put, these creations are built to last and impress for years to come. If you’re looking to stop erosion in its tracks, carve out lovely terraces, or just mark where your property starts and ends with a retaining wall, we’re here to make sure the outcome wows you way beyond what you were hoping for.

Retaining Walls Lees Summit
Plant and hardscape landscape architecture mix by Evolving Landscapes in Lee's Summit, MO

Professional Hardscape Services: Pathway Installations

Evolving Landscapes offers expert pathway installations that breathe new life into your outdoor environment in Lee’s Summit. Our talented team dives right into the heart of your property, weaving pathways that do more than just link places together. They sprinkle a bit of magic and elegance throughout your outdoor space, making every walk an experience to remember.

We handpick from a rich mix of quality materials like natural stone and concrete pavers to craft walkways that perfectly echo your personal taste. Whether you desire a meandering garden path, an inviting walkway to your front door, or a grand entrance to your backyard, our meticulous attention to detail ensures a flawless installation that will endure the test of time. Give your home’s entrance a touch of class with our walkway options that’ll leave every visitor impressed.


Patio Installation: Your Personalized Outdoor Retreat

At Evolving Landscapes, we believe that a well-designed patio is the heart of a captivating hardscape. We shape our patio installation service to craft the ultimate outdoor haven that mirrors your distinct style and way of life.

Working closely with you, our experienced designers craft a personalized patio design that harmoniously complements your home’s architecture and blends seamlessly with your surrounding landscape. Dreaming of a snug corner for quiet chats or a wide-open space where you can host the best parties? Our crew’s all in to make whatever vision you have for your patio come alive.

When we put together a patio, our top priority is picking the best materials out there. We’re all about creating spaces that not only look amazing but also stand up to time and use beautifully. Whether you go for the timeless appeal of natural stone or choose sturdy concrete pavers, we’ve got options that promise your patio will brave through seasons and trends with ease. Our team of experts puts in a lot of care and skill into setting everything up just right, making sure the end result not only looks amazing but is also perfect down to the last detail. Imagine kicking back and soaking up the sun on your patio—it’s not just your go-to spot for chilling out, but it also boosts your home’s worth in a big way.

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