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Our landscapers know that proper soil preparation and planting practices are vital to the health and success of your new landscape installation. Evolving Landscapes holds to the highest standards during installation in order to build organically rich, balanced soils for optimum plant health and pest resistance.

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It’s a common mistake is to over-plant a landscape for immediate results, which can create an overgrown appearance and unhealthy plants in only a year or two. At Evolving Landscapes, we install plants the proper distance apart so that in a few years, your garden will be full and healthy. This ensures long term success for the trees, shrubs and other garden plants that are installed in your landscape.

We also respect your home and your time. There is nothing worse than landscapers making a mess of your home and then leaving for several days to work on another client’s site. We don’t stop working on your home until it’s done. This ensures that your job will be completed in a timely manner and that you are totally satisfied with our service. Our respect for your time also means that we show up on time, or call if we’re going to be late.

Communication is our top priority so that our clients have the best experience working with us. Some of the landscape installation services we offer in Lee’s Summit and beyond include

  • Tree planting
  • Plant installation & Mulching
  • Landscape lighting installation
  • Retaining wall installation
  • Mulch and landscaping rock installation
  • Landscape edging
  • Organic gardening– we can help you plan your vegetable garden, amend your garden soil with organic materials for optimum growth and even install your vegetable and tomato plants.

To keep your garden looking its best, we can also provide a custom aftercare service for your newly installed landscape. Experienced landscapers, under direction of our degreed horticulturist, will make weekly, monthly or seasonal visits. Just ask us for our rates.

We provide landscape installation in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and other surrounding areas.

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